Training Camp

Training Camp

The training camp is open for couples of all levels (standard and latin), from June 07 – 08, 2020. It is open for all ages from juveniles as well as seniors and everything in between. Private and group lessons with international, world-class coaches can be obtained and booked.

All workshops are coordinated and matched with regard to content, thus enabling optimum support of couples in order to achieve the best possible success in learning.



  • Catia Vanone
  • Giordano Vanone
  • Claudia Köhler
  • Emanuel Valeri
  • Asis Khadjeh-Nouri
  • Valdis Skutans
  • Fred Jörgens
  • Jurs Baumanis


  • Peter Stokkebroe
  • Martino Zanibellato
  • Jürgen Neudeck
  • Karina Rubio
  • Vladimir Karpov
  • Constantin Vasile
  • Holger Nitsche
  • Manuela Faller
  • Evgeny Imrekov


Rate for group lessons

90,- EUR/Tagesticket
150,- EUR/2 Tagesticket

Rate for private lessons

Information will follow soon

Register by eMail

Kindly remit the relevant amount for the training camp to the account of DSF Event UG as follows:

Account No.:
DSF Event UG
Re: Training Camp DSF (Standard and/or Latin) + Name

Upon receipt, organizers will confirm the registration by mail.

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