Dance Sport Festival and Dancing Superstars Festival cancelled!

Dance Sport Festival and Dancing Superstars Festival cancelled!

With a heavy heart we decided to cancel this big new event planned by GGC and LTV Bremen for June 05 – 07, 2020 for which we were looking forward to meeting about 1,000 couples from all over the world. However, since the German Government ordered a lock-down for at least another four months and since we of course care for the health of participants, audience and organizing team, there was no other choice.
“Health comes first and we do not wish to risk anybody’s in any way,” Jens Steinmann, President GGC, Lars Bankert, President LTV Bremen and Roberto Albanese, Co-Organizer agreed upon.

This big event should have taken place at the Congress Centre Bremen and Hall 4.1 of ÖVB Arena, to become a new highlight of dance sport for Bremen and Germany. Now we are forced to postpone it to 2021, since there is no way to find a suitable venue within this year.

It is our sincere hope that this super event can take place next year to the enjoyment of  participants and audience.


Reimbursement of tickets which may already have been bought.

Please contact the vendor who sold it to you – only expenses incurred may be for posting fees.

The Web Site and is a joint project within the context of DSF 2020. The non-profit club Grün-Gold-Club Bremen e. V. as organizer of the DANCE SPORT FESTIVAL and the “DSF UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)” as organizer of the DANCING SUPERSTARS FESTIVAL are operating independently from each other.

Within the context of the DANCE SPORT FESTIVAL, Grün-Gold-Club Bremen e.V. organizes the competitions, WeserKurier Dance Night and Gala Night. “DSF UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)” is responsible for Training Camps and Workshops within the context of the DANCING SUPERSTARS FESTIVAL.